Tasmania is a carbon-negative state

We love living and working here. It's only natural that we support our local industries with products that improve efficiencies and reduce waste.

Sustainability is widely regarded as the next big revolution to disrupt how business gets done. For the environment and society, this change is a great thing!

Sustainability is about living within the means of natural systems and ensuring that our lifestyle doesn't harm others. Today, sustainability means integrating the environment, people and economy and understanding that you cannot have one without the other.

Total Instrument Controls is Tasmania's longest-operating and largest industrial instrumentation measurement and control supplier. Our business has always been about assisting our customers to reduce waste and save energy throughout their manufacturing processes.

We are mindful of running our company sustainably, environmentally and socially responsible. We source equipment from manufacturers with the same mindset and enthusiasm for consistent improvements in their manufacturing processes and how they conduct business as an inclusive, diverse and ethical employer — just as we have done since 1986 when TIC first began.

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