Voltage & Pressure Calibrator

Check, calibrate and measure all your current, voltage and pressure instruments in a 4 to 20 milliamp DC loop. Calibrate Milliamp Instruments Source 0.000 to 24.000 mA & -25.00 to 125.00% of 4-20 mA Read 0.000 to 24.000 mA &...

Bürkert Air Cabinet Solutions

Pneumatics are at the heart of process control systems. Bürkert locally manufactures process pneumatics and field instruments and understands both sides of the process system equation. Simple mounting pneumatic valves and I/O on manifold plates that can easily be loaded...

Limitorque Electric MX series actuators

Limitorque Electric MX series actuators mounted to ACROGEAR bevel gearboxes with new spindles were selected to operate in a solar-powered system that will automate the process and replace the physically demanding Trewhella jack option.  Case Study The mounting adaptors, the...
Merry Christmas

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Thank you for your support throughout 2023. We look forward to working with you again next year and assisting you with all your quality instrumentation, control and electrical equipment needs. Christmas Trading Hours Closed from: Friday 22nd December 2023 Reopen:...
Personal Gas Monitor

The world’s smallest four-gas personal monitor 

In gas detection, diffusion refers to the natural process by which gases move from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration until an equilibrium is reached. Diffusion is a passive process requiring no active sampling equipment or pumps....
Oxygen Gas Monitor

Oxygen safety at work

GX-FORCE Portable Four Gas Detector with Pump  An oxygen gas detector, also known as an oxygen gas monitor or sensor, is a device designed to measure the oxygen concentration in the air.  Sampling in gas detection involves actively drawing gas...
Kick and Drop coil

The coil that cuts costs

Durable, silent and energy-saving. With the Kick and Drop coil, you will save money and protect the environment in the long term. We wind, encapsulate and test our coils ourselves. This independence ensures that solenoid valve production is traceable.  An...

Memosens 2.0 sensors

The Memosens laboratory portfolio offers the ideal solution to connect your process to the adjoining lab. Robust, secure and interconnected liquid analysis with 100% digital data transmission via the inductive and corrosion-free plug-in head and a simple plug-and-play system for...
Liquiline Mobile CML18 handheld person

Liquiline Mobile CML18 Handheld

Liquiline Mobile CML18 Handheld is a practical accessory for mobile measurements in the laboratory and process for the measurement of: pH/ORP & temperature Conductivity / conductivity trace & temperature Oxygen / oxygen trace & temperature Benefits Easy operation: Use your...


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