Authorised State Distributor of Mack Valves

Mack Valves

We are proud to announce that Total Instrument Controls is the authorised state distributor of Mack Valves.

Mack Valves

Backed by 80 years of operation, Mack Valves has supported a large range of industries, offering a variety of solutions for different needs. With that experience, today Mack is focused across Water Management, Cryogenic, General/Steam, Fire Protection, Defence and Oxygen Service Industries, with a core product range to support each one.

Mack Valves

Mack Valves is synonymous with high quality and reliability of service and is the valve of choice when these attributes are critical. Over the years, Mack has provided flow control solutions for many hazardous applications, showing why industry chooses Mack Valves for their plant and asset protection.

Mack has been an Australian valve manufacturer and supplier to industry for over 80 years. We currently have Australian-Made Accreditation on four of our products: our 7e series, 79 series, Y and right-angled strainers.

MACK + HEROSE are a proud member of the HEROSE Group. HEROSE is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of cryogenics solutions. Mack Valves benefit from HEROSE know-how and support.

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