Bürkert Air Cabinet Solutions

Pneumatics are at the heart of process control systems. Bürkert locally manufactures process pneumatics and field instruments and understands both sides of the process system equation.

Simple mounting pneumatic valves and I/O on manifold plates that can easily be loaded into a pre-cut cabinet. The manifold plate includes all fittings and bulkheads made of full stainless steel, and the cabinets are IP66 certified. The assembly eliminates labour, drastically improving delivery times and cost efficiency. Bürkert Air Cabinets offers solutions for fast, cost-effective delivery of pneumatic or electro-pneumatic control cabinets.

Features + Benefits

Four sizes of manifolds
All panels are IP66, 316 stainless steel
All panels are complete
All panels are built in-house at Bürkert Australia’s HQ in Sydney
All panels are fully tested QA / FAT certificate supplied as standard
Customised version available on request

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