Limitorque Electric MX series actuators

Limitorque Electric MX series actuators mounted to ACROGEAR bevel gearboxes with new spindles were selected to operate in a solar-powered system that will automate the process and replace the physically demanding Trewhella jack option. 

Case Study

The mounting adaptors, the screw cutting of the stem nuts, stem tube covers and additional protective coatings were manufactured and completed in-house in Acrodyne’s Quick Response Centre (QRC).

This allows complete control over the quality and time frame of the entire project.

The Result

Acrodyne’s service technician returned to the site and assisted with the installation and commissioning at all three sites. Now complete, the system will be able to be operated remotely at the Brooklyn facility, approximately 130 km away.

Products and Services Used:

Limitorque MX05 Actuator
ACROGEARS Bevel  Gearbox
Acrodyne Installation and Commissioning
Acrodyne Sales and Service
List item

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