Innovative FLOW measurement: FLOWave

Burkert Flowmeter

Crucial factors for flow measurement systems are long-term operation with no failures and, above all, with no errors in measurement – even under the harshest conditions. The exact measurement of the flow rate of CIP media is decisive, and expensive processes with less-than-optimal hygienic properties were often necessary to meet measuring accuracy, but the new Flowave flowmeter changes that.

Technology for a Superior Flow measurement process

The flowmeter features a straightforward design without internal sensor elements in the measuring tube, and in terms of fluid technology, is simply a tube. FLOWave does not affect the process or the flowing product and can be regarded as any other tube. With a diameter of 50 mm the FLOWave weighs only about four kilograms and can easily be installed or replaced by a single person. That not only offers a cost-effective alternative to previous measuring systems. It also results in lower cleaning and sterilisation costs, for example. It is already possible to simultaneously measure volumetric flow rate and temperature. In the future, additional parameters such as density and mass flow rate will be added, and there will be validation for all fluids.

What Bürkert offers for your flow measurement:

  • Increased productivity: Due to optimised cleaning, sterilisation and filling times
  • Continuous monitoring: For reliable and reproducible monitoring of CIP and SIP processes
  • Minimal cleaning: Less susceptible to contamination and easier to clean
  • Plug & Play: No separate calibration necessary after installation
  • Hygienic safety: No sensor elements or constrictions in the measuring tube   
  • Maximum reliability: Insensitive to vibrations and magnetic or electrical interference 
  • Easy validation: Due to digital monitoring and simple design (tube)
  • Extended production times: Through a combination of FLOWave and Robolux
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