ThermCAM-80 Thermal imaging camera: 
An inexpensive alternative to Infrared

Thermal Imaging Camera

The ThermCAM-80 Thermal imaging camera is an economic alternative for infrared spot measurement across a broad range of applications and industries.

It’s not necessary to run expensive, high-resolution cameras around the clock. ThermCAM-80 supplies images at 80×80 pixels, which is sufficient enough to identify faults and is the best low-cost option for consistent use, identifying failures before they cause any catastrophe.

ThermCAM-80 offers a better area of coverage than infrared, supplies the individual pixel temperature and has the advantage of showing the thermal image, making it more suitable for continuous monitoring of critical assets.

Its thermal image real-time processing software allows for customisation and fast parameterisation for the documentation of the temperature data for optimising process control.

Applications Include:

  • Quality Management
  • Process Automation and Control
  • Research and Development Projects
  • Early fire detection in storage buildings, forests and cities
  • Traffic Control
  • Process Control in Metallurgy
  • Inspection of electrical equipment
  • Building thermography around thermal bridges and the localisation of weak points in walls
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