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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras use different colour ranges of infrared light on an LCD screen to identify changes in temperature. Cameras range from handheld devices that fit in your pocket to handheld cameras for basic thermography up to high-end cameras capable of measuring high-temperature ranges and clearer high-resolution images. Check out the InfiRay® C200 and InfiRay® C200 Pro, both with new features and upgrades.

InfiRay® Tianshu C200 Handheld Thermal Camera

InfiRay® C200 Handheld Thermal Camera is easy to use, professional, and efficient.

The InfiRay® C200 adopts an infrared detector with nearly 50000 pixels, has a temperature range of -20 ℃~+550 ℃, infrared and visible light fusion, 7 palettes +4 image modes, 11h working time, IP54 protection grade and 2m drop protection.

These advantages make it the perfect camera for electrical diagnostics, machinery/equipment maintenance, building inspection, property and household use.

Application Fields include:
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Product Development
  • Automotive Maintenance
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • Electrical Diagnosis

InfiRay® Tianshu C200 Pro 

InfiRay® C200 Pro is a handheld thermal camera with a powerful upgrade of Pyrosales’ thermographic detector.

The operating efficiency has been upgraded with InfiRay® self-developed high-performance 12μm infrared detector, 256×192 high resolution, and 0.04℃ temperature resolution to provide infrared thermal images in rich details with accurate temperature measurement.

With pro-grade 2,000,000-pixel visible light and low lag, it can meet professional work requirements easily. What’s more, it also features timed photographing, 15h long battery life, and plug-and-analyse through USB. 

Application Fields include:
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Equipment inspection
  • HVAC 
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Product R&D   
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