Memosens 2.0 sensors

The Memosens laboratory portfolio offers the ideal solution to connect your process to the adjoining lab. Robust, secure and interconnected liquid analysis with 100% digital data transmission via the inductive and corrosion-free plug-in head and a simple plug-and-play system for minimum process downtime. The pre-calibrated sensors can be used at any time without additional calibrations. You can quickly and easily swap sensors and parameters. Memosens 2.0 offers the perfect basis for all-round IIoT connectivity and the ideal link between your process and the lab. 


  • Easy handling
  • Reliable measured values
  • ompliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP): Easy and automatic GLP documentation with a smartphone app
  •  Integration of proven Endress+Hauser technology from process automation into the laboratory
  • Measurement of a variety of parameters, such as pH, conductivity and oxygen
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    Sandy Bay TAS 7005

  • 03 6225 5115


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