The coil that cuts costs

Kick and Drop coil

Durable, silent and energy-saving. With the Kick and Drop coil, you will save money and protect the environment in the long term.

We wind, encapsulate and test our coils ourselves. This independence ensures that solenoid valve production is traceable. 

An automatic function test of all coils takes place after each production step. 

Kick and Drop coils are ideal when long duty cycles and high pressures are required, such as for gas or tap water protection valves. They also ensure safe operation in electromagnetically sensitive environments – and anywhere where water containing lime poses a problem.

The Kick and Drop coil enables impressive energy savings compared to typical coils: it reduces energy consumption by up to 80%. At the same time, solenoid valves with this technology enable up to three times the switching pressure of conventional valves. Our portfolio includes three coil variants with different power ranges to suit your application.


  • Voltages: AC 50 Hz, AC 60 Hz, DC
  • Electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with EN61000-6-3
  • Highly media-resistance epoxy coil in Isolation Class H
  • Degree of protection IP65, IP67 possible on request (with cable plug Type 2518)
  • Explosion protection approvals for Europe, North America, Asia and Pacific
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    Sandy Bay TAS 7005

  • 03 6225 5115


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